Fiesta Burger

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Winner of the
The Burger Revolution War of July 2010

Looking for a burger with a little zest on it for lunch I seasoned my burger with Taco seasoning, tossed on some pepper jack cheese, onions, tomatos and topped off with a touch of avocado; I’m introducing my Fiesta Burger. Grilled it up to perfection and then tossed on a toasted Ciabatta roll my cousin Collin and I had an amazing meal.

Then I finished off the meal with one of the best back yard BBQ additives, the original, glass bottled, pure cane sugared ice-cold Coca-Cola. <sound_effect:”chk-ahh”></sound_effect>

Battle Armor:

Type of Technique:Grilling
Type of Grill Used:Gas
Type of Ground Meat:Ground Beef
Side Dishes:BBQ Chips, Jalapeno

About the Warrior

Matt Graham



I'm a Jesus lover. Worshiper, Warrior and Creative. Live at the Grahamberton home with my wife Shannon, Friends Jeff & Jolene Pemberton and our little dog Tux. Love living community out as we're called to do as Jesus followers, one benefit of this is lots of BBQ's! Lets spread the good news and the good foods!

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11 Responses to Fiesta Burger

  1. Wow man! Thats a burger! Great job!!

  2. I think the coke in the background makes these images really cool!

  3. I think I agree with Ish on this

  4. You need to invite me over to get the full affect. Looks fun though.

  5. Looks awesome! I want one!

  6. 5 stars for the bun used (and cause you’re my friend).

  7. Looks amazing! I love the sound effects for your coke. 🙂 You should grill some up at our next work cookout.

  8. Looks amazing-great presentation and use of color! Now, when are you cooking me one?

  9. that needs 2 b on the menu…i agree dave the bun alone is extra points…and a definative high five to chuck to keep it simple. matt u da man!

  10. Thanks guys, I will for sure be making these again! I’m not sure how many of you really voted for me as it looks as if we have ‘multiple’ voting going on. I hope we can filter this out! We will for sure know an issue to fix on the website going forward eh Ishmael.

  11. thanks for the great looking burger!

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