The History

BBQWar began as an idea by Ismael Burciaga while he was barbecuing one day and posting images via Twitter. A couple of Ismael’s friends also began tweeting tantalizing pictures of what they were grilling. Soon it became obvious that a grilling “war” had been unofficially declared, so Ismael began placing #BBQWar on his tweets to his friends with an image attached. Several weeks later, the site ‘BBQWar’ was birthed.

So What Is BBQWar?

BBQWar is a Show and Tell of sorts for grill-masters. Every so often, battles will be held and a winner will be declared by the highest number of votes and rating.

How Can I Sign Up?

Currently, members or “warriors,” must be invited to join BBQWar. New warriors are hand picked by the BBQ Warriors. In the future, however, membership will be open. If you want to be notified when memberships are open, follow us on Twitter.