Baja Shrimp Burrito

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Winner of the
Battle of the Seafood

So I decided to take some time out of my busy schedule and grill up some seafood!
It was hot, and I wanted something refreshing, so I went with a  shrimp burrito, it was supposed to be tacos, but all I had in the fridge were the big tortillas, so I made due. Along with the shrimp I put cabbage, avocado, sour cream,  garlic salsa, cilantro, and tomatoes. It was delicious and I ate way more than I should have.

Battle Armor:

Type of Technique:Grilling
Type of Grill Used:Gas, infrared
Type of Seafood:Shrimp
Type of Marinade:Baja Citrus

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Daniel Waldron



I am a husband and a father of, soon to be, two boys, living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I like to make printed and digital things look good.

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