Baja Shrimp Burrito

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Winner of the
Battle of the Seafood

So I decided to take some time out of my busy schedule and grill up some seafood!
It was hot, and I wanted something refreshing, so I went with a  shrimp burrito, it was supposed to be tacos, but all I had in the fridge were the big tortillas, so I made due. Along with the shrimp I put cabbage, avocado, sour cream,  garlic salsa, cilantro, and tomatoes. It was delicious and I ate way more than I should have.

Battle Armor:

Type of Technique:Grilling
Type of Grill Used:Gas, infrared
Type of Seafood:Shrimp
Type of Marinade:Baja Citrus

About the Warrior

Daniel Waldron



I am a husband and a father of, soon to be, two boys, living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I like to make printed and digital things look good.

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7 Responses to Baja Shrimp Burrito

  1. I don’t even like shimp — but this looks amazing!

  2. And by “Shimp” I mean “Shrimp” 🙂

  3. I have a weak spot for seafood + tortilla dishes. I would have eaten way more than I should have as well. Don’t feel bad.

  4. I’m highly allergic to shrimp but would definitely try to cough one of these down 🙂

  5. Those look tasty! Next time you make some invite me over…I’ll make sure you don’t eat too many…lol

  6. Dude these look amazing! Any recipe that you want to pass along? I really shouldn’t check the site so close to dinner time…

  7. Fresh! Tasty! I want one!

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