Grilled Peaches with Ginger Snap & Maple Syrup Crumbles

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My dessert is grilled peaches with ginger snap and maple syrup crumbles. They are accompanied by vanilla ice cream and a reduced mixture of fresh ginger and brown sugar. It was gooooood. The ginger added a nice spice, the ice cream and maple syrup provided the sweet and the peaches rounded it off with a nice tartness.┬áThe crumbles and ice cream paired well enough to be served alone, but you can’t grill ice cream. At least I can’t.

My pics this time around are not that great. I had light issues. None the less the meal was great. We had pan fried chicken and potato salad. I didn’t get any pics of the potato salad. And yes, I dissected the clucker myself. It was my first time butchering and frying. I learned a lot in the process.


Battle Armor:

Type of Technique:Frying, Grilling
Type of Grill Used:Gas
Type of Poultry:Chicken
Type of Sauce(s) Used:Brown Sugar & Ginger Sauce
Side Dishes:Potato Salad

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Paul Sirmon



I love to grill. Mostly because it gives me less dishes to do. If I wasn't a designer I'd go to culinary school. I'm a big fan of food and especially burgers. My restaurant test is usually the burger. If they can make a good one then the rest is probably good too. Flawed psychology I know, but hey, I love burgers. Oh and I suck at keeping up with my recipes. My measuring technique is "a little of this and a little of that". Seems to be working well for me so far.

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3 Responses to Grilled Peaches with Ginger Snap & Maple Syrup Crumbles

  1. Brilliant! Definitely the most creative and well executed idea! Good job man. Im going to have to try this out.

  2. Awesome. The ginger looks amazing!

  3. This is so elaborate; I love it. My wife called me in from the other room last night to show me this and tell me that we have to try it. haha. Looks great man!

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