Hollowed and Stuffed

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I took this first BBQ challenge/battle on the road with me to New Hampshire. I headed up to my family’s cottage with my wife and a few friends and started grilling. I was a little out of my element so I kept things simple. I hollowed out wheat sub rolls to fulfill the alternative bun requirement, then filled it with cubes of hamburger. I wanted to keep a slight Tex Mex theme, so I topped off the burger with salsa, fresh avocado and sprinkle cheese. To add to the presentation I aggressively grilled the sub roll in the flame that was shooting through the center of the grill (it was a really old grill). A side of regular ruffle chips seemed to compliment the fairly simple entree well, so I went with. Overall it was really good and it seemed to fit the atmosphere and attitude of the day really well.

Battle Armor:

Type of Grill Used:an old gas grill with a broken flame
Type of Ground Meat:Hamburger
Type of Sauce(s) Used:Medium Salsa
Side Dishes:Ruffled Chips

About the Warrior

Kevin Richardson



My wife has spoiled me with gourmet meals for way too long. I'm not complaining, but with our little girl coming in less than a month, it's my time to shine (on the grill that is). Babies like BBQ, right? Beyond the sweet taste of grilled meat, I also enjoy designing and husbanding.

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3 Responses to Hollowed and Stuffed

  1. Looks delicious! I was staring at the hot dog buns at the grocery store and was very tempted to use them lol. Glad I didnt cause Im sure yours turned out way better than mine would have.

  2. The bun is a great idea. I bet this was tasty and maybe a little chili con carne on too would’ve been the bees knees. I may have to try that someday. Rock on!

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