Memorial Day with Friends

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We all know that a successful BBQ is one that has friends involved. Even though, as a foodie, I love great food; without people around you to share it, the meal is just not the same. Memorial Day brought us a work day on “The Shack” (@jeffpemberton‘s and my home office). Joining Jeff and I for some fun, food, and work was @shannonmgraham, @jolenenicole, @syndiloo, @enghofer, @melenghofer, @waltcaughel, @pastorjayme, along with @alcaughel and @aaroncaughel. And @tuxonian, of course. We were destined for success. We decided to start the season off with Burgers, Turkey Sausage, Hot Dogs (Hebrew National for @pemberton) Sliced potatoes, corn, and an ice cream cookie to wrap up the meal.

The burgers were seasoned in one of my (and seems to be growing quickly on @JoleneNicole) favorite local BBQ Companies (CJ Pub) Seasoning. The corn was hand crafted by @shannonmgraham with her Lime, Cilantro Butter seasoning, and the Guacamole was done once again by our friend @pastorjayme. Enjoy the photos there; will be more explaining to come but for now click the fifth star above and vote for a BBQ Celebrated by friends. 🙂

With any great BBQ one must know that prep work is vital to the end result; we had much help in the kitchen for this battle.

The unfortunate part of the battle was the lens that I’ve used to take beautiful shots like this; did meet the floor and will need to be sent in to the shop to be fixed. [insert sad emotion here].

Walter took the reigns on the grill; he is a low temp, slow cooking, tender grill master; much like he is in his calling as a pastor.

Guacamole tends to be a Grahamberton home favorite. Jayme took lead on creating the dish, and if you’ve not yet mastered the art of it; click here

I learned young in marriage that when you eat corn, you eat it with the husk on; that IS your corn holders. (Somedays I think I still miss my plastic little corn forks).

Every dinner should end with chocolate right?

Apparently the Guac’ wasn’t quite ready yet, may have been a bit sour? It’s @jolenenicole if you want to tweet her about this photo (and please do).

and like I said its the people you BBQ with that make the BBQ a success. Walt and Allie were showing me the number of hand claps they had mastered.

And I’m sure we were the ONLY BBQ war team that brought in a slip-n-slide, right?! (I’m afraid Aaron might have missed most of the sliding part on this run).
Tux seemed to have had his turn on the slip-n-slide also.

Battle Armor:

Type of Technique:Grilling
Type of Grill Used:Gas
Type of Ground Meat:Ground Beef
Type of Sausage(s):Hebrew National Hot Dogs, Turkey Sausage
Type of Sauce(s) Used:Chipotle Lime Butter Sauce, CJ Pub
Side Dishes:Corn on the Cob, Grilled Potato Slices

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