Fiesta Burger

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Winner of the
The Burger Revolution War of July 2010

Looking for a burger with a little zest on it for lunch I seasoned my burger with Taco seasoning, tossed on some pepper jack cheese, onions, tomatos and topped off with a touch of avocado; I’m introducing my Fiesta Burger. Grilled it up to perfection and then tossed on a toasted Ciabatta roll my cousin Collin and I had an amazing meal.

Then I finished off the meal with one of the best back yard BBQ additives, the original, glass bottled, pure cane sugared ice-cold Coca-Cola. <sound_effect:”chk-ahh”></sound_effect>

Battle Armor:

Type of Technique:Grilling
Type of Grill Used:Gas
Type of Ground Meat:Ground Beef
Side Dishes:BBQ Chips, Jalapeno

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BBQ Warrior and UX Creative. BBQ'ing in Port Huron, MI with with my wife Shannon, our little dog Tux and anyone looking for a great meat and conversations! Let's eat!

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