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For this battle, the requirement was to buy the meat from a butcher shop. I had to drive almost an hour with my buddy Kyle Steed just to find a place that was open on Saturday at 4:30 pm. Thanks to Google Maps we found David’s Meat Market in Garland, Texas. This place was legit. As soon as you walked in the shop, the guys behind the meat were very kind. However we got there as they were closing and they were very kind to let us take a few minutes to look around and choose our meat.

After we left, Kyle and I laughed so hard because I didn’t realize my 2 rib-eyes were around $30. Kyle said it was nice knowing me, but luckily my wife loved the rib-eyes so much that she said no more grocery steaks. From this day forth we shall buy from the butcher.

My seasoning was simple: Generic Steak Seasoning and Worcestershire sauce. Only if there was a way to show you how juicy these steaks were. I guess next time I will have to post a video.

Enough talking, here are some pictures:

Battle Armor:

Type of Technique:Grilling
Type of Grill Used:Charcoal
Type of Charcoal:Kingsford Match Light
Type of Steak(s):Rib Eye Steak
Type of Sauce(s) Used:Worcestershire Sauce
Side Dishes:baked potato

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I just figured out my new favorite hobby besides designing is grilling. I have grilled in the past, but now that I have created this site, I want to grill everyday. I hope you enjoy what I bring to the table. If not, please tell me.

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