A Rum-Soaked Hot Mess

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I took this challenge on the road with me to Massachusetts. I was there supporting my wife and one of her many fashion excursions. So I asked my friend Adam who lived near by if I could use his grill to cook up him and some other friends a big BBQ dinner (to be posted later) as well as a delicious grilled dessert. Naturally, he complied with delight.

My wife & I lived in Hawaii for awhile after we got married, and we’ve been addicted to pineapple ever since. So I thought this dessert challenge would be a good chance to use one of my favorite fruits with some other sweet ingredients. First, I soaked the pineapple in a spiced rum (Bacardi) for about 2 hours. Once they were fully saturated, I threw em’ on the grill along side some sliced up pound cake. I only seared them both in order to avoid drying either of them out. Once they achieved the desired photo-esq grill marks, I stacked them on a plate and drizzled some melted semi-sweet chocolate all over. To finish them off, I spooned some of the remaining rum over top, then put some whipped cream on the side.

This dessert was full of flavor and had plenty of punch. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

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Type of Grill Used:Gas
Type of Marinade:Spiced Rum

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My wife has spoiled me with gourmet meals for way too long. I'm not complaining, but with our little girl coming in less than a month, it's my time to shine (on the grill that is). Babies like BBQ, right? Beyond the sweet taste of grilled meat, I also enjoy designing and husbanding.

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