Berry Creamy Sandwich

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The Dessert War of August 2010

So on Saturday I decided to run to the grocery store to pick scavenge for some ingredients to use for this dessert challenge. I really had no idea what I was going to do at the time, just tried getting some essentials for a good dessert…fruit, ice cream, pound cake, chocolate, cream cheese, etc..

I figured I would be able to wing something together but was terribly wrong. Luckily my wife stepped up and showed me how to do it!

Working with what I had she put together a strawberry glaze, and cream cheese frosting. We grilled up the pound cake and berries to add some warmth to the dish. Then added some vanilla ice cream to cool the taste buds down. It was down right delicious! The cream cheese frosting was epic!

After that I had some leftovers and and just through together a fruit dessert cup. Not as good lol.

Battle Armor:

Type of Technique:Grilling
Type of Sauce(s) Used:cream cheese frosting, strawberry glaze
Side Dishes:Milk, Vanilla Ice Cream

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Josh Hemsley



Im a Web Interface Designer but a Jesus loving husband & father first. Grilling is what I do to put the food on the table... literally. Do I get paid in dollar bills to do so? No, but I get the joy of watching my hot wife down a fat piece of meat! ...Too far?

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7 Responses to Berry Creamy Sandwich

  1. Looking Awesome Josh! Great Dish!

  2. YUM!!!! THAT LOOKS SO GOOD! Nice call on the pound cake

  3. I’m not a fan of cream cheese, but this looks good. I like the fruit cup option better I think.

  4. Thank goodness for your wife coming to the rescue. haha. Mine definitely helped me out a lot in this challenge too. This looks so good. That pound cake is seared to perfection!

  5. That’s melting in my freakin’ mouth as we speak. And I’m not even eating it! Looks amazing Josh.

  6. I would have never thought to grill any sort of desert item, but that looks delicious! I want to go experiment on the grill now

  7. Thanks everyone. This was mega delicious. I will grab the recipe for the cream cheese frosting and strawberry glaze. I definitely recommend it on your next dessert!

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