Grilled Caramel Apples

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At first I thought this challenge would be easy. But it was tough! The inspiration for this BBQ was a delicious dish my parents would make for us when we were kids. My dad would hollow out an apple, fill it with maple syrup, then bake it in the oven until it overflowed with goodness.

My rendition used caramel, pecans, and butterscotch schnapps. I can’t put in to words how delicious this was. In fact, it was so good that we made them again tonight. They were even better the second time around!

I wrapped them in foil and the baked inside the BBQ for about 10 minutes. By the time we took them out they were boiling over with sweet goodness. So darn good. You have to try them!

Battle Armor:

Type of Technique:Grilling
Type of Grill Used:Gas
Type of Sauce(s) Used:Butterscotch Schnapps, Caramel
Side Dishes:Ice Cream, Pecans

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Husband, Father, Christian, Web Designer, WordPress Fanboy, and lover of all things geeky. I work as an Experience Designer and enjoy pushing pixels. I love to BBQ and want to express creativity through the delicious meals showcased here. Happy Grilling!

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8 Responses to Grilled Caramel Apples

  1. i love desserts with apples!

  2. WOW this looks so yummy!

  3. Dang thats a wicked idea! Awesome stuff! +1 for squeezing an “I love you” at the end! lol

  4. Caramel, pecans and butterscotch booze? That sounds so good. I’m definitely going to try that. I have some Caramel Bailey’s that I wanted to use on mine but couldn’t think of a way. I might have to try this with a little bit of that.

  5. Ooohh…Caramel Bailey’s sounds even better. I’ll need to try that next time.

  6. oh man, I’m loving these videos. Dude, you’re going to be the next Gary Vaynerchuk (but for grilling)! The dessert looks amazing, so creative. 5 Stars my friend!

  7. Oh man. Looks amazing Vin!

  8. Man, very nice idea. The video is a nice touch. You can start your own cooking show, seriously. Sorta like “Sam the Cooking Guy” …. just a thought. 🙂

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