Chocolate-Strawberry Panini with Mascarpone

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Seriously , I’m ready to forget s’mores after making these sweet grilled chocolate-strawberry paninis with mascarpone.

Starting out with four slices of French bread, I buttered one side of each. Then I spread strawberry jam on the non-buttered side of two pieces and then added slices of strawberries. Over the top of the strawberries, I sprinkled chopped bittersweet chocolate. Next, I spread mascarpone over the plain side of the remaining slices. I put the sandwiches together and then added brown sugar to the buttered sided before grilling.

Some serious sweetness!

Kira and Naia deciding who gets which panini.

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Type of Technique:Grilling
Type of Grill Used:Gas
Side Dishes:Strawberries

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