Monday Night Top Sirloin

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Threw some top sirloin on the grill tonight as my wife put together a nice spinach salad. Also had to add in some Kettle New York Cheddar Chips and some grilled brocollini. A nice reshreshing my for a warm summer night.

Also we tried a new steak sauce by Smith & Wollensky. It was pretty dang good!

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Type of Technique:Grilling
Type of Steak(s):Top Sirloin
Side Dishes:Broccolini, Kettle Chips, Spinach Salad

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Josh Hemsley



Im a Web Interface Designer but a Jesus loving husband & father first. Grilling is what I do to put the food on the table... literally. Do I get paid in dollar bills to do so? No, but I get the joy of watching my hot wife down a fat piece of meat! ...Too far?

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5 Responses to Monday Night Top Sirloin

  1. This just made hungry again. We should make steaks a competition this weekend LOL.

  2. The true test is looking at it cut open. How do you like ’em cooked Josh?

  3. Steak weekend sounds good!!! Ya Vin, that is definitely the true test and unfortunately these were a tad bit rare and had to revisit the grill lol. But at least it didnt dry out. Normally I like mine around medium to medium well. Just a little pink.

  4. That’s a nice looking slab of meat. Glad to see your getting your daily dose of greens in there too!

  5. Very cool idea and execution but far from BBQ. Grilling for sure, but not BBQ.

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