Smoked St Louis Ribs

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Winner of the
Memorial Day Battle 2011

Almost done smoking ribs

My first smoke of the year.  Had quite the time getting our hands on some ribs as people love to buy em all up around the holiday weekends.  Being my first cook of the summer fair to say I missed a few key points.  More on that later.

The Ingredients

Ingredients for the rub

Ingredients for Meathead's Memphis Dust (click image for recipe)

I like to serve my ribs dry and let people pick their sauces. I find these two cover the spectum from rich & sweet to tangy & wet.

Easily my favorite cut of ribs. Some people like baby backs, I like St Louis cause they have more meat and take the smoke better in my opinion. A technique I use is to roll em up and let them dry into a paper towel lined tray. When the ribs are a dry as possible more of the rub actually stays on the ribs. Try it!

In regards to wood and charcoal. I rarely grill with lump charcoal. I find it's difficult to control the heat. However for smoking, using the minion method and wood chunks, you can get a pretty consistant burn if your smoker has a firebox.

The Cook

So this is where things got a little dicey…  My thermometer batteries died.  I forgot the water pan and didn’t add it until about halfway through the cook.  I planned on using the minion method for the smoking and put the lit coals in first and the unlit ones on top (good thing I didn’t have the meat on, it would have been a disaster).  In the end I got everything under control.  The takeaway? Use a cooking log, seriously…  Enjoy the pictures!

Battle Armor:

Type of Technique:Smoking
Type of Grill Used:Charcoal
Type of Charcoal:Cowboy Lump Charcol
Type of Wood:Apple
Type of Pork:St Louis Cut Ribs
Type of Sauce(s) Used:Stubbs Spicy BBQ, Sweet Baby Rays Honey BBQ
Side Dishes:Rice & Beans

About the Warrior

Jean Alexandre



I'm a Web Developer, Hip Hop Artist, and Padawan grillmaster. I love grilling and smoking all year round. Brisket, Pork butt, ribs, you name it I'll probably be smoking it at some point. I'm a master directions follower and love food. My wife and I want to travel the world not to see sights but to taste everything. My 4 kids love to help cook and eat everything as well. I have a dream to place in a BBQ competition (I don't have to win, just place) and plan on entering a few next summer with some guys from church. Glad to a part of the community here.

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